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Thought I would post some pics of the neighbourhood for those of you who don’t live in Edinburgh.
Coming up from Cannonmills or down from Broughton Street,  the streets are quite beautiful. Georgian houses give way to Georgian tenements.



… Then Victorian tenements.


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Skulking around my neighbourhood last night to try to figure out what colour to paint the house, Sam and I came upon a couple of interesting things.
These must be the original windows.


Pretty charming.
And these people have done a really interesting side extension (bad photos as it was twilight and we were trying not to get arrested).


I’m not crazy about the way they’ve done the windows, but I like the roof and the visual separation between old and new. The entry porch looks better in person than in the photo.
And, I think I’ve settled on white, although ‘dead salmon’ has a particular appeal to it. I’m not up for a super bright colour, and in a neighborhood that was less grim I might go for a dark grey; in this case it needs lightening.

Lots of progress this weekend! I put the slabs in the back garden up on Gumtree, and some nice people came and took them away yesterday.


I also spent ages lifting and moving bricks from the front garden to create space for a lawn. I’m still digging out the gravel and cement under the sand, but it should be ready for seeding this week.


(Got that hedge in last weekend, but hadn’t photographed it yet.) In the process of digging out the front bed we found something a little creepy…


This afternoon I got my special demolition crew onto the ugly little front porch.


Porch be gone!

Also had help from Sam’s greyhound Colm, who did a fantastic job breaking up some soil in the back and making sure any other dogs entering the property know their place. Then Ben arrived with a bottle of Prosecco, which definitely put an end to the work day.

Just hitting my stride with stripping wallpaper last weekend, then had to go back to Dublin for work. This weekend is D’s birthday party, so I don’t have any time to work on the house, but in a few weeks’ time I’ll be there every night!DSC_0336

It should be Project with a capital P.

The cons: it’s small, the street doesn’t look like ‘lovely old Edinburgh’, and, well, just look at it!

The pros: it’s about 4 minutes’ walk from the bottom of Broughton Street (for those of you who don’t know Edinburgh, Broughton Street is the hipster neighbourhood), the garden is very large for central Edinburgh, and I needed something to get my teeth into. I have a suspicion that street is about to change, and I’ve seen that once people paint over the pebbledash these houses can look quite charming.

Front of house: I figure I’ve already added a grand to the property by taking down the horrid vertical blinds!

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