Maybe every architect should be required to live with their clients for two weeks. You find out the most interesting things — both about them and about the space.

For one: the loft is much noisier than I could ever have imagined. Theoretically I knew that a cocktail of concrete floors, brick walls, and drywall everywhere else was a recipe for echoes and difficulty hearing, but I was still amazed at how close you have to put the sofa to the TV in order to understand it.

And speaking of noise, the wet walls carrying all the piping from the rest of the building are clearly not well-insulated; every time someone flushes the toilet in a unit above it sounds like a freight train rushing towards you as you’re trying to untie yourself from the tracks… Read More


I moved out of my own home again Saturday. Less than two weeks left in Boston – staying with Eric and Holly in Downtown Crossing – then I’m returning to Scotland. I know I said I was back here for good… but things change. I promised myself that there were a few topics I would not discuss on this blog: religion, politics, and men.  One of those things is why I’m going back to Scotland for at least a few months. Limbo is a place I’m now comfortable with, even if it’s not ideal.

Design work on the Downtown Crossing condo is coming along. We’ve worked out a basic floorplan that everyone is happy with, but we haven’t decided on an overall concept yet. Staying in the apartment the past two days has made me realize how little natural light reaches its interior, so the finishes are going to need to be very light and reflective. At the same time Holly and Eric are worried about its feeling too cold, so I think I’m going to use the furnishing color scheme to warm things up. I’ll post drawings when there’s more to see.

It snowed Saturday night. What with my travels, I hadn’t seen snow for two years. Not to complain about Goa in January, but I’ve actually missed winter. We’ll see how long that attitude continues.