The Hobotect is… Mirren Fischer, an American (recovering) architect living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In both the physical and digital spheres I’m interested in psychology, structure, and beauty. I imagine that, going forward, our physical and digital environments will be increasingly intertwined — so I like to keep a foot in both worlds. I’m still a registered architect, but at the moment I work as a product manager for a software company (we make a really cool social media monitoring and engagement tool). I spend a lot of time thinking about user experience, trying to understand what makes for better and worse experiences, what new features we should build, and how we should build them.

If you’d like to get in contact with me, either comment on one of the posts or send me an email at mirrenfischer [at] gmail dot com. Or connect with me on Linked In.

I started this blog in 2008, when I was leaving Scotland to travel around India and wanted some way of recording what I was doing and seeing – and communicating to my friends and family that I was still alive. These days I’m not traveling as much, so the blog has now morphed into a combination between a diary, a picture pinup of design images I like, and a review of good and bad user experiences.

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