From 2003, but still interesting (and funny and engaging), these were the names Adidas used to describe their customers:

Gearhead — the hard-core, nonteen runner who needs high-performance shoes.

Core Letterman — the true-blue, white suburban high-school athlete. (Description from the internal Adidas guidelines: ”age 16-24”; ”I don’t like people who think they’re too cool.”)

Contemporary Letterman — the high-school athlete who, Liedtke says, ”still cares about the ladies and hooking up.”

Aficionado — the kid, probably African-American, who likes brand-new, $100-plus basketball shoes.

Popgirl — the teeny-bopper who scours the mall for Skechers.

Value Addict — the shopper at Kohl’s and Target, probably middle-aged and fairly well off.

A-Diva — Liedtke calls this ”’Sex and the City’ goes to the gym.”

Fastidious Eclectus — the ”SoHo architect,” Liedtke says, who craves hip, distinctive sneakers. (Adidas guidelines: ”age 15-35”; ”I think weirdness and confidence are sexy.”)




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