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Whenever I pass through Charles de Gaulle airport I love looking up at the wood ceilings. (Though too bad you generally either don’t have time to look because you’re frantically trying to get through eight layers of security OR you have far too much time because you’ve missed your plane. Gripe, gripe. And what’s with the food – you would expect much better quality in Paris…) But anyway – I digress; when I saw this photo of a restaurant in Copenhagen by Norm Architects, I was struck by how the same material in a similar position could look and feel so completely different. CDG is slick and shiny and modern, whereas this is rustic and nostalgic. Cool.




Was down in London last week and had an extremely alcoholic evening with a friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years, ending up at the Delaunay. What an atmosphere! Sharp but friendly, luxurious but somehow not too precious. And great cocktails. I wasn’t conscious enough at the time to notice the superb ceiling, but next time I’m in town I definitely want to go back.