Bellevue – workdays 9-10

Lots of progress this weekend! I put the slabs in the back garden up on Gumtree, and some nice people came and took them away yesterday.


I also spent ages lifting and moving bricks from the front garden to create space for a lawn. I’m still digging out the gravel and cement under the sand, but it should be ready for seeding this week.


(Got that hedge in last weekend, but hadn’t photographed it yet.) In the process of digging out the front bed we found something a little creepy…


This afternoon I got my special demolition crew onto the ugly little front porch.


Porch be gone!

Also had help from Sam’s greyhound Colm, who did a fantastic job breaking up some soil in the back and making sure any other dogs entering the property know their place. Then Ben arrived with a bottle of Prosecco, which definitely put an end to the work day.

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