1_Liberty-lg I (and practically every other staff member at Cambridge Seven) worked on the Liberty Hotel in Boston. When we first arrived at the old jail, it was derelict: freezing, and inhabited only by pigeons. It’s come a long way.1_Liberty-lg 2_Liberty-lg - Copy 4_Liberty-lg



It’s the feel and the smell of this house, more than anything else, that I’m proud of. The client (all right, my mother) had been wanting to build an extension on her little adobe house in the mountains of New Mexico for about 30 years, so we finally did it. I did the overall design, then we found a wonderful project architect and local builder to do the new adobe brick structure justice. The thing about adobe is that it’s cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and smells wonderful; and, it’s possible to get fantastic sculptural shapes from it. Read More























Whenever I pass through Charles de Gaulle airport I love looking up at the wood ceilings. (Though too bad you generally either don’t have time to look because you’re frantically trying to get through eight layers of security OR you have far too much time because you’ve missed your plane. Gripe, gripe. And what’s with the food – you would expect much better quality in Paris…) But anyway – I digress; when I saw this photo of a restaurant in Copenhagen by Norm Architects, I was struck by how the same material in a similar position could look and feel so completely different. CDG is slick and shiny and modern, whereas this is rustic and nostalgic. Cool.