Sitting Around in Leh

It’s cloudy today and I am feeling apathetic. I booked my ticket from Delhi to Scotland for the 29th, so the end of the trip is nigh. I wish I were going home now, but I have to gather enthusiasm to see Ladakh. When will I ever be here again?
Now that I’m so close to the next story I’m getting anxious about the future. I’ve committed to spending the summer in California to lend moral support to my mother, who has begun chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. After that, who knows. I’m tired of being unsettled and would very much like to move back into my apartment in Boston, but I don’t know how I’ll support myself. My self-confidence is uncharacteristically low, but on the other hand it’s not unfounded: every day I hear about more friends being made redundant. Now does not seem to be a good time to be looking for a job, let along starting a new business. On the other hand I have often been able to do things other people said were impossible simply by assuming that I could.

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