Interior Design

My brother sent me a link to this company, telling me to put it in the folder for use in his imaginary future house. I concur. Although the leather industry is already in essence a waste recycler, Ting London pushes the idea one step further: they take leather products – belts – and upcycle them into great-looking flooring. I’ll bet these feel really cool under bare feet.


This is Karim Rashid’s design for the Naples University Metro Station. While I wouldn’t design something like this (and might not even want to have to transit through it every single morning before I’ve fully woken up), am I glad something like this exists in the world? Yes, yes I am.

Though, to be honest, I do kind of prefer the Perugia escalator system.

Source: Architectural Record

Hanging art can be hard. My usual habit is to just put it up and see whether I like it, then move it twelve times until it’s right…whereas my boyfriend Does Not Like Change, so I find that I now have to try to get it right before it goes on the wall.

I think the trick might be to start using monster-sized pieces. Counter-intuitively, there’s something easy about an oversized image on a wall; it adds to the drama in a large room, but it also works in small spaces – maybe because it’s less bitty-piecy to have one thing rather than lots.










Images: Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home

Ah, January in Scotland. We’re not exactly swimming outside in this season. (OK, only crazy people EVER do here, but that’s beside the point.) Although I come from hardy northern European stock, there comes a point when I start dreaming of paddling, floating, immersing…Here are a couple of images that make me sigh. GET IN!

Sources: Elle Decor, Architectural Record

Blue (in all its variations) is my favourite colour. But it can read as cold sometimes, so either you have to be happy with that (and if you live in a hot climate, its cleanliness and calm can be extremely refreshing), or you can punch it up with some brightly coloured accessories. My entry hallway gets basically no natural light, so instead of painting it white in a vain hope of brightening it, I went for a dark blue with bright red and orange paintings. It’s still a work in progress, but it somehow feels very warm.

























Images: Elle Decor

Yeah, me too. Saarinen’s vision in white (sometimes black) marble and swoopy leg seems to make an appearance at least once in every design mag. And yet… although I wouldn’t spec it in a client’s project due to how over-exposed it’s been in the last ten years, someday I will have one in my own home. Because it is the perfect table.




























Images: Elle Decor

And I don’t actually care whether they’re modern or traditional, as long as they have some ‘umph’ to them. The trick is getting one that has some kick to it, but that won’t be dated within a few years. Remember the Flos ‘fuschia’ pendants? I actually still love them, and I’m pretty sure they’ll have a renaissance in 10 years or so, but I need to wait until all the retail shops and restaurants that installed them in 2004 have been re-furbed.

Images: Elle Decor