On the Catwalk

I’m a model, you know what I mean… I’m disappointed that we didn’t blare techno or have a big catering setup to coquettishly ignore at our photoshoot Thursday, but it was still a quietly amusing proposition: me vamping around in shoes I can barely walk in with far too much makeup on playing stick with a hyper dog in a cool outfit. I never had quite enough treats in my pocket; in trying to make them last I had my fingers bitten a number of times. At the end of the shoot I had the idea to wade in the icy pools at the Parliament, but had a hard time convincing Dylan to join me. I’m not used to being thought crazy by a dog. And she rudely turned her head when I instructed her to make love to the camera.

But Dylan seemed completely comfortable in her coat, and we had a number of appreciative comments from passers-by, so that’s something (though one of them was a vacant-looking fourteen year old boy who couldn’t take his hands out his track pants – a sort of Scottish Deliverance..) And the photos are great, though the ones in the pools weren’t worth losing a few toes to frostbite.

The web site is coming along well: the general design is mine, but Alan’s input about graphics is as welcome as his back-end ‘just make it work’ efforts. We spent a few hours yesterday playing with slideshow software and deciding on a shopping cart. After reading numerous reviews, we’ve decided to test e-junkie; I have a horror of low-end carts that imply that you’ve made your product out of macaroni in a damp basement, so hopefully we’ll be able to customize e-junkie enough for my liking.

I have less than a week left in Scotland. I’m frantically trying to figure out what here needs my physical presence and what I can do via email and skype. What a uniquely modern problem. My 75-year-old uncle said to me that I need to pick a place and stay there, but I don’t necessarily agree: the ease of travel and communication these days makes me feel like the idea of trying to live and work in two countries is not completely insane. More on that later.

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