Left Turn

Today I got really sick of street touts manipulating me into doing what they want, so I canceled the Langtang trek and decided I’m going full on to the Annapurna Circuit – by myself: no guide, no porter, no BS. I decided this after several people I know plus the guidebooks said that it’s pretty much impossible to get lost on the circuit in April due to the volume of people doing it. And I am in OK shape, so there’s no reason why I can’t carry the small amount of stuff I need. When you stay in guesthouses you don’t need the tent, the stove, etc. If I’m tired at first I’ll just take it more slowly. So I’ll get on the bus Thursday morning and start walking Friday. I think the longest hiking trip I’ve ever been on is five days, so three weeks will be an interesting test…

3 thoughts on “Left Turn

  1. Please keep the blog entries longer. We get more flavor and detail that way. Short bullets are a bit lifeless.

  2. Mirren-
    You will be fine. Janet & I did the Annapurna Circuit over Christmas this year and it is a blast. A lot of walking, and when you get to mucktinath..huge letdown…but it is incredible to go over the pass. When you get to Manang, go to the Tilicho…trust me on this one. The guy (a buddhist) had a MaryJane Christmas Tree for us on Chrismas eve.
    From all of the places I have been, it is by far the most beautiful, incridble place on the planet.
    And poon hill…you must get up and do the touristy thing…it is beyond amazing.

    Good luck!

  3. Hope you make it safely back from your 3 weeks hike 😉
    Would love to verbally catch up with you…been thinking about you and your journey.
    Mine starts in July through to September…

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