Must Go

I have to get out of here. As much as I have ideas about teaching myself to tolerate things, I think I’d better cut my losses. It’s very clear to me why John’s contacts often disappear (he says they screw him over): he must piss off most people he comes into contact with. He said last night that he’s the best architect he’s ever met; in that case, I’m sure he has no need of me. But it’s funny, because he can be extremely charming at other times.

So I have used my brother as an excuse. He is supposedly flying into Hyderabad on the 6th and traveling with me after that. I must go and meet him. So sorry. I considered telling them the truth, that it’s just not working out, but I actually fear John’s temper, and the house is a long way from nowhere.

By the way, those of you who read this regularly may have noticed that I’ve changed the names. Just being careful.

2 thoughts on “Must Go

  1. always glad to serve as an excuse. The problem being that I may actually show up in March….

    You have been warned!

    -Your Brother

  2. Wow, getting under the surface changed perspective a lot here.

    By the by, if you actually end up in Hyderabad, I’d be really interested to know the word on the street regarding outsourcing. Is it stepping up as US businesses scramble to save money, or winding down as overall investment in everything shrinks.

    This blog is amazing – I feel like I’m more in the loop than when you lived a 20 minute walk away. =)

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